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il add ya to both when I get home mate :nuts: I just cant be fukd losin all my unlocks by goin thru prestige again hey, like iv almost unloked the golden dragunov.. like id wanna lose all those headshots just to start again lol

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2nd time its happened but far worse this time.. I got a blue screen of death & then LOST ALL OF MY PROFILE INFO! 4500+ kills, 3rd prestige, most weapon add ons, a lot of tasks completed!

WTF can I do?!?!?!?

2 days of play... oh dear!

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Ohh on COD5? I know for COD4 the profiles are stored client-side.. (Well they used to be anyways, havnt reinstalled it in a while)

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I thought profiles etc in WAW were stored client side too and just your player name was registered on their server as I have had to do a few re-installs lately and none of my ranks and stuff come up when I log back in after the new install.

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