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While I'm not sure if this mob does car insurance or operates all over Oz, but I just bought a home insurance policy today from Sure insurance which was 20% cheaper than all of the other robbing bastards. Apparently started by a RACQ manager who went out on their own.

Done online, didn't need to speak to anyone. May help someone save a $ cause paying insurance sucks, mostly.

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I don't think they'll get rid of you per se they just increase your premium to a point at which you will leave of your own accord. I know 50 year old that has written off at least 7 vehicles (all at

Rac decided that after round 2 of mods, that they would no longer insure me. I thought I better call shanons as I doubt anyone would insure me. They quoted me below 1K and that is including

OK, so a lot of you know that I'm 50 and live outside of the Adelaide metro area, and after saying (or in some ways, braging) how AAMI was only costing me $384 per year for a stock '10 g6et with a $45

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Insurance companies insure us against illegal theft, when in actual fact there legally thieving from us every month/year by jacking up premiums by 18% annually.

ACCC should get involved but some how they leave them to go about there business unchecked or governed.


Feel free people to post up your vehicle and insurance company and the premiums ya pay so everyone can compare.

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Just added another car to my shannons policy. Mercedes c200 supercharged.  11 vehicles now. Also upped the insured value of both F6 and VF SSVR but 10K each. 


The turbo fords and V8 VF are just going up in value. 

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I pay $707 per year with Shannons
Fully comprehensive with minor mods
Also just renewed policy with them for my Ducati
They wanted to charge me $700 for my bike as well
Western Underwriters offered me a fully comprehensive policy for $420
When I told Shannons I would be going with WU they matched the premium
Always pays to do a bit of an online shop each year
You can save hundreds

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