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Yeah I know - I think they really need two different tags.

Bin had about 80% leaves, plus a few small shrubs I'd pulled out. I'd shaken the loose soil off them, but the note on the back said the bin had soil in it.

Better get the pressure washer out on the roots next time...

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man that's crazy, where I am they wouldn't complain about soil in the greenwaste bin, can put food in there too.


just they halved the size of the normal rubbish bin and tell me that so many things that ARE recycleable are not to go in the recycle bin. pricks.


funny for people throwing out dodgy stuff I bet they had a few weeks of stress after finding the inspection tags on their bins a few weeks in a row.

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Hi Keith :bye:



hurt my lower back at work last week moving equipment filled in incident report as per work policy.

Work policy states, they have 7 days to reply to report today is day 7.

My back still hurts so thinking of ringing in and have some time off. Never in my working career I'v claimed for compo ,just hate the idea.

I've been at NSW Health for around 16 years so thinking it's time but only down side to it, is I'm going away this Thursday up the coast for my sons swimming and taking the van just the 2 of us. Wont look good if I claim compo.

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Talking of sore backs, brought a new bed the other month, Went for the firmest mattress I could find as I like them firm (Insert mediocre sex joke) And haven't had a decent night sleep since FFS and waking up with a painful back and im only 22? lol, going to have to step it down on the firmness scale I think zzzzzzzzzzz

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Go to one of the places that have the mattress hooked up to a computer and go with their recommendation?


edit: or a hammock - most comfy night sleep ever in a ~$100 hammock from a camping shop - wakes up without back ache for the 1st time in years

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