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Oi let's get all social media about it...   If this post gets 5000 likes, I'll fit a gen 2 gtx35r to my territory this week and run 18psi through it.   Since we're here in fordvill

A week or so ago my little (19yo) brother was being a pain in the arse to middle brother.   Now LB is always leaving his sh*t lying around, wallet, keys, sh

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Funny thing is fat is the least of your problems with that burger the sugar and carbohydrate content is ridiculous... 😂😂

I used to have abit of an addiction to HJ f#kn nice burgers for a fast food outlet 

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Yay long weekend! Tf for that I need a break.


Anyone know where you can get a pair of socks that fit big feet and are good to just wear around the house when it's cold? Every pair I've tried isn't loose and comfy so yerp. Gimme big sok :eyebrows:



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I've already got a pair of fluffy boots but you have to wear socks in them. I just want a thick, fat, loose fitting pair of socks so I can chuck them in the wash when they need it.

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and footy socks have the advantage of being long so you can keep the rest of your leg warm if necessary ahhaa or if your foot is extra cold you can wrap the rest of the sock back over the foot

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Haha they might. She said she'll knit you a pair like that if you like, and to ask you what colour you'd prefer. Haha I'll  get yours done first so you can wear them in a couple of weeks :roflmbo:

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I only wear socks when I absolutely have to; feet get too bloody hot all the time... so that ain't going to happen haha... in all seriousness I was just saying that properly warm footy socks take a fair bit of fucking around knitting/sewing-wise to get them to be actually be properly warming and are so easy/cheap to purchase due to their prevalence.

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