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Oi let's get all social media about it...   If this post gets 5000 likes, I'll fit a gen 2 gtx35r to my territory this week and run 18psi through it.   Since we're here in fordvill

A week or so ago my little (19yo) brother was being a pain in the arse to middle brother.   Now LB is always leaving his sh*t lying around, wallet, keys, sh

Trent got some new high-heels today   Nosejob over the weekend   Hopefully a mud bath soon &#1

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Morning @k31th!


Where would be the best place on the forum to put a post up for a BA/BF rocker cover for sale? Need to get rid of one 🤣

My stupid-ass got a ba/bf cover thinking it was an fg cover, powdercoated it and all only to realise it wasn't an fg one 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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not much, big fella... what's up with you?


10 minutes ago, biddie_fiddler said:

If I donate another $10 do I then get a fancy badge? 😀😋

yes, you get the fancy badge with cumulative donations haha

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1 hour ago, MBAF said:

@JETURBO how hard and what dollars is it to go to flex tune on a barra? its already got supporting mods assuming will just need tune, flex sensor and what not?

Most common workshops are offering “Flex” for about $3000 

it’s not hard but just the cost of the hardware,tuning,labour 

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