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The Off Topic Thread.

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Well I did turn the tables around on her today, she wanted me to lick her cat. So I picked the cat up and kissed it.


Also funny story, on Sunday she offered to make bacon and eggs. She started ranting and raving about the eggs not being done right and it was my fault. 


Confused, I merely stated the fact that I was in bed, you made the eggs but it's my fault they didn't turn out right?


What followed was me calling her a lunatic and I asked for rice bubbles and a bourban,  FYI crunchy jack daniels is a bad mix.


So Sunday I got cat hair in my mouth, under fed,  headache from bourbon, and I got my first electricity bill.....


Considering I ran it for 8 weeks straight day and night, I was expecting a massive bill. I was in credit $16 woot🤪

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4 hours ago, k31th said:

make sure you post the results, then :) gotta start somewhere :P

Did 500m row in 1:46, 30 pushups and 22 burpees. Not great, and the worst bit is that it ruined me...😫

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yeah its a 29 fulcrum. ex usaf. not what im looking for but cool non the less. Ideally I want an f5 but I cant find one. T38 would be ideal


1 hour ago, k31th said:

only 4.6 million ... cheap as chips ;)

us dollaradoonies too

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