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8 minutes ago, Puffwagon said:

This little guy decided he's hitching a ride today

She's been hitching for a while.


Only came out to find food for her 10,000 babies that just hatched ;)


You'll meet them soon.

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My car has been outside for the last week and had some dry leaves on the windscreen. Last night I thought I better check engine for any dry leaves that could have fallen in there cos I don't have my bonnet seal on. I popped the bonnet and a frigging rat ran across the top of the motor and ran down the side, it smelt suspiciously like rat piss under there and it had shat along top of radiator. Had to have a bit of a wipe up in motor bay and it's back in garage now. Doesn't look like the bastard chewed any wires so that's lucky!

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I saw the difference between a current gen 60mm TS gate and my 10yo 50mm TS gate.


Holy sh*t balls what a difference! Thinking I might upgrade soon.

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