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The Off Topic Thread.


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What's going on Keith?

I've been super quiet on here lately. Been flat out designing and getting clearances for a pergola and deck project for the last couple of months. Certifier checks the pergola post holes tomorrow and then I'm good to start building, subject to the remaining timber being available.

I'll update in the new build and reno thread as I go. Timelapsing it on the GoPro too.

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So bought the wife a new car this week, 2022 Jaguar F Pace SVR. 5 litres of supercharged goodness, thought it be a good idea to get one of these sorts of cars once more before there confined to the history books... I would of preferred a sedan but she wants an SUV so is what it is..........


so 9 month wait according to Jaguar COVID apparently...... one gripe with Jaguar is that everything on the car is an option so you basically have no choice but to get a car built... here's hoping the reliability goes ok.....

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I think you'll be lucky to get it in 9 months haha... chip shortages are severe because of covid stuff.


morning all, happy Wednesday 🌶️

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Yea I'm not holding my breath but have put a clause in the contract in the special conditions that if I don't receive car within 9 months I can walk from the deal with refund of deposit


Due to chip shortage there not offering heads up display as an option as they havnt got the chips to fit it to the car... I'm not fussed as I forget it's there on my car 90% of the time anyway.... but yea a few options weren't available coz of chip shortages.. 


hope this covid stuff ends soon... unlikely though 

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