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The Off Topic Thread.


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Unfortunately, my parents kitten was put down on Wednesday :cry:

Mittens was a rescue kitten, was born with a lung problem and lost more than half of her tail. After literally thousands spent on procedures to work out the problem, there was no actual answer as to what the problem specifically was. She struggled to breathe a lot of the time, constantly wheezing. 


All that aside, she was an absolutely hilarious little kitten. She didn't let this breathing issue slow her down, at least till she really needed air. 

The vets said her condition would severely shorten her life, to around 3 years. My mum didn't want to put her down initially, she wanted to help her and give he a great life regardless of the issues she had. 


Beginning of the week she stopped eating, which was unlike her, she would eat twice a day and then steal the other cats food. So for her to not eat was a concern. My mum took her to the vet on Tuesday where he said that Mittens was not going to recover from whatever was effecting her now. I think her body was just totally exhausted from the constant struggle of trying to breathe. 


It was a short life, but a damn good one. Gonna miss that little kitten.

Made a crappy collage thing for my mum and framed it yesterday. Least I could do.

RIP baby Mittens.






Sorry to absolutely crush the mood 🤣

Wanted to vent. Gonna sink some tins with the lads this weekend, maybe have a bit of a manly cry lol.

Everyone loved this little kitten

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Good to see the usual banter on here hasn't died down.


Been an interesting time for me the last 7 months, was made redundant at the end of April after 11 years, which was fine by me as the new CEO was trying to make the company more like a bank and we were losing our soul.


So started a 6 month contract job at the beginning of August and holy hell, 30% more pay, less workload and no stress, plus it's for a company in the mining industry, so I'm getting mine site experience.


As it is, the agency I work for has people still here after 4 years and I've already been told the contract will be extended for another 6 months, so I'm laughing. The extra cash is going off to paying off the car loan - last payment this Friday - and other stuff before going into the Car Upgrades budget.

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