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Ya well the clear seems pretty good with minimal swirls so still wondering whether to cut and polish or just use a more paint cleanser based "polish"...

then flash prep, wax and sealant and leave to cure for a few hours before we not go anywhere

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Not the prettiest engine bay out there but cleaned up ok...



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@Panda Eyes Looks very clean!!


Has anyone every fitted a process west stage 3 intercooler before?
Got a mate installing one into a GT (he's going turbo, yeeting the supercharger) and says the instructions fkn suck.


I was under the impression that the FPV GTs and F6 had the same chassis so theoretically it should fit

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Ha one of my old school stickers 

Looks good Scotty ! 


Yeh nar mate, GT front end has more crap in the way than the F6/XR platforms so yerrr the instructions would be average at best on a GT platform 

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