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Hahah thanks Rab ❤️ And thanks tranny banger j@! 

Have felt very spoilt today. 

J@ got my the most amazing gift, a piece of art which I have been eyeing off for ages. I have always wanted to start a collection of amazing art throughout our home which grows as our family grows. 

This piece just blew me away with its detail, story and colours and I have been wanting it for our entrance for so long! 


My camera just didn’t do it justice only that photo^^ the colours are astounding in light... 




The artist is an amazing indigenous artist Jeannie Mills Pwerle: 



Then the wonderful man took me bowling and to my favourite pub for lunch and on a shopping spree! 



Then tonight he’s taking me for dinner at Magill Estate... 



Then he’s taking me away for the weekend to hit some balls on the weekend too! 🏌️♀️ 


I am extremely lucky! ❤️

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  • Feeling the Love :-)
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12 minutes ago, Mrs Jeturbo said:

rip some fat skids 🤣


hip hip hooray, hip happy birthday :drinks:

obviously @JETURBO is still besotted with you and is lavishing you with gifts  💕

30 is a great number to be, enjoy

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