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The Off Topic Thread.

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2 hours ago, Rab said:

am going to go for @k31th's bilomusic as well - $20? for a year of spotify https://bilomusic.com/

Yep, that's the one - you have to let the guy into your account, so change hte p/w temporarily, then they'll upgrade it and you're good to change your p/w back and then go nuts :) it definitely works, too, as I did it for the missus.

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finally my mum stopped being a stubborn Pole and went to hospital after about 2-3 weeks of her right arm developing some kind of rash and causing her huge discomfort... they've had her overnight for observation, got on heavy antibiotics and it seems to be helping a bit. They may keep her for another night too

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So I asked my boys what they wanna be when they grow up and the younger one said he wants to be a bat watcher and the older one wants to be a fox hunter. The older lad also wanted a membership at the local gun club.


I told him if he can kill the cat with his bare hands I'll get him sorted with his gun license etc but he just gave her a pat instead. I spose I can safely get him signed up, now that I know he isn't planning on becoming a serial killer. :ARFiring:

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What a miserable bastard Mal is from Malwood automotive is  
Oh really, go on lol.

He seemed decent when I spoke to him, pretty staunch about his gear and I think rightly so, it's very good kit.
Probably comes from years of dealing with knob ends though, can imagine how many people try and haggle his prices seeing how cheap a lot of other brands are.

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