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Fuel Consumption (merged topic)

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1 hour ago, OZYWALKER said:

First petrol car

Silly pecker

^Even more impressive


@XR6T 520RWKW I found your ad, impressive spec....I'm actually tempted

Ok to link it here?


I'm intrigued, what made you buy it in the first place? jumped in the deep end

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I envy that economy, good thing company cars exist lol.

Not fussed because mines cammed so it's worth it but I get 600 odd on the highway and as low as 230 on 98.

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Fuel economy is an integral part of making power. You want everything to be as efficient as possible which will return the best fuel economy.


This doesn't mean that you get great L/100km in a high powered vehicle.


To get an idea of how much fuel a 500+rwkw falcon uses on ethanol...


Roughly calculated, 6x1000cc injectors are pumping about 6 litres per minute flat out.


You aren't at 100%injdc all the time but you will still use about a cup of fuel every time you do a 5 second wot pull. 


0 to 100kph at wot=1 cup. 

Overtake like a mofo=1/2 cup. 

Drive half throttle to 110=???, etc etc.


You've only got about 250 cups of fuel in a tank. They disappear very quickly with high power and e85.

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I just used that example cos it's something that everyone is very familiar with. 


The 6 injectors at 50%dc will use a cup every 5 seconds. 


I see about 45%dc on 98 at wot and high rpm in my territory.


Cup of coffee....cup of goon....cup of fuel...gone in 5 seconds or less. 

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1 minute ago, MBAF said:

his cooking skills


I gave the kids weetbix and honey for dinner tonight cos I felt sh*te. Best dinner ever they reckoned...:bbq:

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On 27/02/2019 at 6:53 PM, k31th said:

E85 is equivalent to about 107 octane unleaded, in terms of it's knock-resistance, so it can be leant on significantly harder than even 98, in terms of timing etc which would normally produce knock/detonation on 98, which means you can get much earlier and more consistent power curves through the revs, but at the cost of having to input 30% or so more fuel into the cylinder to get adequate combustion at all. You must tune for whatever octane fuel you're looking to gain advantage from the higher resistance, to have almost any perceptible benefits :)

do you think it worth to downgrade (down tune) from e85 to 95 or 98. I don't want to give up on turbo. and the same time save as much $$$ I can.

now I have 520 kw, I don't mind if I get 300 kw form down tune it.

you might think I am stupid doing this. that because I just bought and the previous owner spend over 16K on it and I paid cheap for it so  don't mind AND PLUS I CAN TUNE IT AND to GET 520KW BACK anytime for only 200 to $300.

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