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might be worth spraying your boost control solenoid with INOX or wd-40, perhaps its just a bit gummy? can you reach the actuator itself (from under the car) and check its movement also?

Thanks for that. Do you know where in Horsham he is, or a contact number? I have had the previous engine flash tuned by Heinricks in Adelaide, so I have 2 modified, and 1 stock tune in my flash.

At the moment, I dont really want to add my previous "hotup" bits to this engine. Would rather add at a later date if I decide to build a good motor. Just want to get the ute back on the road ASAP.

The 2nd hand engine I am looking at has all the standard bits with it(intercooler, front exhaust section.

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Ok I guess this is the right place to post

Is anyone on here running an overboost valve?

Nizpro overboost valve. We set it one psi above peak boost.


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Sorry to bump an old thread, however I'm hoping to find out why my XR6T likes to go off the dial (20psi gauge) in 5th and 6th.

It is set at 16psi and this is all it sees in 1st to 4th, but I noticed when trying to overtake on a freeway that is just goes straight past 16 and off the dial...



Mods include: Plazmaman 1000hp intercooler and piping (std plenum), plazmaman CAI, 255ltr intank fuel pump, h/d valve springs, 750cc injectors, machined turbine housing and actuator rod modification, and an xforce exhaust 4" dump into twin 2.5" system mostly installed and by nizpro.

any help is appreciated.

kind regards


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Its fairly comon for boost to creep in higher gears, look into getting some more work done in terms of boost control and speak to your tuner, they might not be have the boost tuned in closed loop or they havent spent enough time on it or didnt even run the car on the dyno in 5th or 6th. Normally only run in 3rd or 4th and a road test even up to 3rd and 4th wouldnt be something most tuners would risk on the street.It would be fairly intense on the car and the dyno. It could be a limitation of the dyno perhaps. Maybe mick from pitlane could chime in to add more.

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Cheers for the reply mate, but it was sorted last year.

The tune that the previous owner had was poo.

I have a better understanding now of the extra load in higher gears and if you plant your foot in 6th at 100kmph, something similar will (and still does) happen. However, the amount that it used to over boost was crazy.

It was even doing it in 4th when working through the gears at calder.

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