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Set a new PB at Wakefield yesterday with a 1-13:2. However didn't get into the 1-12s with the new mods so abit disappointed. Hopefully as I get used to the car next time I'll take further second or two off.

The Shockworks have definetely reversed the cars tendency to understeer as I did with the factory setup. I'd even say now that it oversteers a tad too much for my liking. Feels like I spent half the day going sideways. With that being said, the bald Nittos on the back would not have been helping at all..

Unfortunately I've developed abit of a rough/hunting idle since yesterday's thrash. It's nothing dramatic, maybe up and down 50rpm. Really hoping it's just a leaky intake manifold and nothing more sinister with the valve train :(

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Hey mate don’t worry some days are like that. It took me a while to get used to my teins and brembos and that was with stock power. I went out the day after u and was hoping for a 8 which would have been an improvement of 7 tenths. But I also spent a lot of the day sideways and ended up improving by just over 3 tenths.

Still a pb is a pb, your cars probably capable of a 10 or better so u will improve a lot, but not with bald rears lol. Try getting one of the instructors in they can be really helpful. I improved by 1.5 seconds in one track day once the instructor helped me fix up my braking technique a bit.

Did Winton this weekend, unreal track, suits our cars well with all the 2nd and 3rd gear corners before the straights. Definitely want to go back.

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Your Name: Justin

Car Make and Model: 2017 Ford Focus ST

Circuit Name: Barbagallo

Lap time: 1min17s


Engine: Stage 2 IC, Quickshifter, Semi Slicks, Underbody bracing

Power: 250hp :)

Suspension: Stock

Tyres: Zeknova's

Brakes: Stock

2nd outing on the track, was getting faster each time

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