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A new category New Member has been established that all registered members will be placed in by default, once you have posted 25 times on the forum this category will automatically change to Member

New Members cannot start new threads in The Classified section, only those that are in the Donating Member group (or above) will be able to do so. All members however can post replies to existing threads and also post under the Wanted To Buy section.

To facilitate this changeover, everyone that was in the Member category is now a New Member. If you have already made more than 25 posts on the forum, as soon as you make your next post (from this point onwards) you will automatically be swapped back to Member

If you already have more than 25 posts, have something to sell immediately, and have nothing else to post about to trigger this automatic swap over then feel free to post once in this thread just for the sake of it.

Please Note:

- Any current threads in The Classified section will remain even if the thread author does not meet the new requirements;

- Donating Members are not affected by this change and there are no posting restrictions regardless of your post count;

- Donating Members can post for sale threads directly in The Classified section.

- Regardless of the above changes, if it is apparent that new members are registering on the forum purely to sell their threads will be removed.

If you have any queries please feel free to post away......

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