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How Many Manual/auto Different Colour R Spec F6's

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I have my Manual F6 Rspec Typhoon, I know it was the only manual imported to NZ and there was only 10 FrR Spec Typhoon in total imported to NZ.

It is also in Conquer so wasn't supposed to be on the original colour list of options.

But what I would like to know as to how many Auto's how many Manuals and what colours, other options where produced in the limited run of 300 R Secc's.

Someone must know???


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Yeah I wouldn't mind finding out the colour break down on the Rspecs, including how many were auto/manuals.

I'd also like to know what if the FPV car number is specific to the Rspecs or is it unique to each FPV. For example could two people have the same FPV car number for a standard Typhoon and the Rspec? Do the numbers mean anything? Do they relate to production dates etc?

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Technically, yes, there will be a few cars with the same build number. The count is reset every time a new model starts, so there is BA mk2 Build No: 001, BF Mk1 No: 001 and BF Mk2 No:001 and also BF Mk2 R-Spec No: 001 and so-on

It ssupposed to make the cars individual, that's why you get the build certificate in the compendium - this should be in the mail.

If you speak to ford head office, they would be able to find out how many cars were built, as long as you ask really nicely!

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I just got mine recently was originally bought new by jp creighton and associates traded in to ford for an updated model sold on to a used car dealership in auckland where I had purchased it its production number is 143

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