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Mods To Power Comparison

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On 16/02/2017 at 7:51 PM, arronm said:



Car: 06 Bf Nizpro F6

Transmission: 6 Spd Man

Power: 400rwkw

Boost: 15psi

Fuel: 98

Induction: Nizpro

Turbo: Stock F6 / Nizpro modified

Valve springs: Nizpro

Exhaust: , 4 inch nizpro

Fuel pump: Intank 460

Intercooler: Nizpro

Injectors: Nizpro

Power adder: XFT/Nizpro built forged engine, cams , headwork. 

Car runs Nizpro Stage 2 , 2+ and 3.

Car is in the video below





More boost and E85 later in the year.

Those numbers, are almost identical to my BA XR6t when running the 15psi tune...

But it's not too surprising, as my car is also fitted out with a Nizpro cobra stage 3 package. 

And a few other little extra's fitted here and there.

However, things become a lot more intense when the boost is turned up to 21psi and a 50/50 mix of 98 and E85.

Turning out numbers of 612hp at the treads (almost 500rwkw in modern day talk!)

It's interesting to see how consistent the numbers are, despite the varying boost levels.

Just goes to show, there are many mods that can significantly improve the efficiency of this old tractor motor!

It's a shame that Ford never discovered it's potential until the end of its production

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Car: 2009 G6ET Trans: Stock (pwr heat exchanger going on after tune) Power: Peak @ 380rwkw Boost: 14 nice and safe Induction: Stock with air box mod Turbo: GTX3576R new turbine housing with 37mm flap

Update. Car has been retuned and now has nizpro 4 inch exhaust and nizpro big cooler. Made just under 400rwkw on 98 at 18PSI. (stock turbo with turbine housing mods). Due the high compression pistons

415rwkw on ba motor. But e85 is your friend

Posted Images

Car: 2011 FG F6 MKII ute

Trans: TR6060 with DCS Twin Plate Ceramic

Power: 453rwkw on E85

Boost: 19 in the mid 22 up top

Induction: XR6T Dev Turbo Side Intake

Intercooler: Nizpro Stealth Black

Turbo:  Procharge ProGTX-64 w/ 45mm Hypergate

Engine: Valve Springs, Head Studs, Oil Pump Gears

Exhaust: Manta 4'' to Twin 3"

Fuel setup: ID1000cc injectors, Plazmaman ProSurge w/ x2 Pierburg 360l/ph pumps, GFP Fuel Reg

Driveline: G&J Drivelines 1350 Street Series Driveshaft, Short Shifter

Suspension: Bilstein Shocks all round, King Spring SSL Front and Rear, Traction Bars and Rear Swaybar

Wheels/Tyres: 18x10 all round, 265/35F 285/35R Semi Slicks

Tuning: PCMTEC

Tuner: Seres


Yet to get to the drags, however 100-200km/h in 6.7 flat as confirmed by dragy module

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My Daly 2010 50th anniversary manual xr6 turbo.    Tune to 300rwks 15psi.   Mods are Process west stage 1 intercooler.   1000cc injectors wolbro 255 fuel pump.   Venom cat pipe.   Never late for work again.  Tuned by Clinton at Profile Autosports. 

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