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How Many Kilometres Have You Clocked Up?

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On 08/03/2017 at 11:11 AM, Green Goblin said:

When I pulled my screen filter out it was still clean-my turbo simply got mild compressor droop (which apparently is quite common in this turbo), but mine aside I have heard of a number of people who did have turbo failure because that screen blocked up and starved the turbo of oil.


Been a while since I popped in but im just about to hit 399k. Anyone passed me yet?? Car developed a miss recently which I think after swapping the plugs and not seeing any evidence of tracking on the coil boots anywhere is a coil breaking down internally? Can hear it over the stereo ticking every time it misses so deffo arcing somewhere. Ford nz wanted $250 EACH for the genuine coils! I bought a set off ebay still sealed inside individual bags with ford OEM part numbers on, and all 6 are sealed in another bag with oem part number on (which I assume is for the set). Soon as I put it in D and hold it on the brake it starts missing erratically, and its a lot worse when the engine is hot hence im almost certain one coil is breaking down internally. Its fine on the open road and if I boot it, just seems to be at low revs. Hopefully having brand new genuine plugs and coils will give it a bit of a wake up too . Interesting unrelated note-since ive not been driving it daily it has developed a slight oil leak at the front of the engine. Not enough to show on the dipstick as its probably a teaspoon or 2 max. Also since last post I had trans oil leaking into the propshaft and needed a new propshaft carrier bearing too, plus I imported a replacement OEM ICC as my one had issues with the screen randomly flickering on and off. I put up with that for 10 yrs till I had enough of it and got a replacement unit from ASL. Need to look at getting my original one repaired too but going by freight costs I may send the screen unit over to be tested, followed by the cd stacker. Would be nice to keep it all OG. Anyway, whats everyones Km now??

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Back in the day. Only 129Km  Running it in....  

Never mind, it's easier with tapatalk app. That's my 375km daily...still scrubs up clean

Bought my BF F6 Rspec a few weeks ago Currently has 23450km not bad for a 7 year old car and its completely stock

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On 01/01/2021 at 10:38 AM, Puffwagon said:

Nah only about 3/4 years since we met up near Chain of Ponds.

yep that was the only time I took it out in about 6 years!  Hasn't been out since. only reason I've started again is the lad pushed me along- he's now got a fg2 which is about to go into Jets for the works and he wants to cruise. -now registered, insured and getting new tyres tomorrow. time to cruise :thumbsup:

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