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Full colour code list: Borrowed from FF....

Nice colour that Nitro on an Aston Martin

THIS IS NOT A COLOUR WAR.... All the different colours in the XR/FPV range. There are a few missing no doubt and I'll add pictures of them as I find them.... Or post them so we can add them. If it's

Posted Images

I reckon dash never quite looks right in photo's, however in these my Turbo looks pretty representative. Oh and a shot of the luxury pack interior. enjoy!








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Bit of a tidy up...and a couple more colours needed...

Velvet - Brown.

Steel - blue.

Sensation - blue.


Nitro - blue. added to first post...I think its Nitro...could be steel, can anyone confirm?

This is a Nitro GT off car sales...


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On the Orion

Dark Blue - Sensation

Light Blue (Hero Colour) - Nitro

Silhouette - black

Steel - a gunmetal blue kinda colour - don't like it personally. Think grey blue.

Mystic, etc...errr, wait and see.

These are off the top of my head, but I do see these literally everyday. Plus they're all on the Ford.com.au website.

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Love this thread.

I didn't know Ford made so many different colours.

Our licensing people in NZ only use standard colours, so Acid Rush is Gold, Blueprint, Bionic, Shockwave are all Blue, etc, etc.

Does anyone know how many of each colour were made in each model (XR6, XR6T, XR8 etc) in each year?

Would be interesting to know from a scarcity/ value angle.

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blaze (gold) & seduce are my fave atm. I wish they had blaze for the fg

the new mystic colour is coming out soon and I didn't even know that velvet existed, very nice colour.

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Huh? :secret:

Most colours come and go...with the crap resale on these things I don't think it really has any affect. :fishin:

Yeah but Octane is a pretty well known color for the Falcon's.. Probably the best in my opinion. They ended it at the start of the month, so you can no longer buy new FG's in Octane.

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I have loved almost every ford colour since from the BA's onwards.

Being very picky, I have had trouble picking my next car (BF6T 07MKII). I have found heaps in white, black etc. But my favourite colours have been bionic and octane. I will be buying my bionic 6t very soon, and I am sure I will be happy with the colour.

Although, I would have to say my favourite ford colour of ALL time, would have to be the new FG XR colour - VIPER. Funnily enough I was thinking sh*t, ford needs a new purple colour - then I went to the motorshow to see that they all ready had one.

No cars have been released yet, but they are in production - and if I could get the fg it would be this colour with 19s, and tech pack.



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