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New Zealand Cruise & Chat Thread


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yes I have a boost guage!

ill hopefully be going to track days at manfield so a cruise may be on the cards next time im up those ways

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I'm still lurking in the Wellington area.

The trusty BA is still going strong although I have been neglecting it and focussing on other projects for the last year. I've really gotten to a point where the appalling build and reliability quality of the BA has got me ready to change.

Turbo - failed due to Ford dealers neglecting to change feed line filter during every service up to 100,000km

Mixer shaft - no surprise there

BEM - no cause found, just failed

Rust in boot channels, repaired and already returning 2 yrs later.

Being fair and considering what I paid for it I cant really complain however faced with the options within my budget I see it like this.

FG F6 - is there any guarantee that this will have better reliability, build quality and most importantly, after sales service? Certainly not in my part of town for the latter part of the question.

FG 335GT - every report I have read has suggested issues that are quite frankly unforgivable in a new car.

FG XR6T with extra to spend on suspension, brakes and a little more puff - HA, try talking to the local Ford dealer about a new XR6T and they look at you like an alien and suggest a bloody Mazda.

However, for roughly the same sort of money (give or take a couple of grand) I can have an 18 month old C63 AMG that has equal or better power output to a GT335, 5 times the build quality, bullet proof reliability and frankly over a 5yr ownership makes more sense.

Sadly I can see with total clarity WHY the Falcon has reached the end of its lifespan - Ford have not the faintest clue what quality control, build quality, customer service are about.

A couple of months ago I went to Manfield with a friend and did a good number of laps in his GT335. Fun car - then I was taken out for a few laps in a C63 and HOLY HELL. If I had just shelled out the coin for a GT335 I would have been in tears. This isn't all about power or speed, frankly I doubt there is much in it point to point> Lap times favoured the C63 by 4 seconds although the driver was no doubt a factor in at least half of that. But the Merc made it seem easy, with the windows up you hear the engine growl but there is almost no road noise, no fuss and everything seems surreal.

Seriously guys, drive an FG XR6 (turbo or not, doesn't matter) now jump in a similar age C350 Merc and you start to understand that the Falcon is (for all it's likeable features) somewhat agricultural.

In years past I would have argued that we should compare apples with apples but the truth is that an 12 month old C63 can be had for LESS than the price of a GTP and roughly the same as a GT.

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08 Xr6T owner in Tauranga.

Few kms on it but immaculate and drives very very nice. Not new to the performance car scene but new to Fords (usually a Expensive Daewoo fan but never owned one)

Perfect for lugging the kids around and the wife loves it.

Couple wee issues to sort but nothing major unless the suspension knock becomes painful. Probably fix it with a nolathane upgrade no doubt.

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Definitely go with the C63! they sound way better, better equipment and all the things you have suggested. As much as I love my Xr6 Turbo the demise of the falcon and poor after sales / service by ford have put me off - We have a Golf R32 at home, they VW people know how to look after you always talk to you if you go into the showroom, send emails telling you about new cars, my car is serviced properly the list goes on. (Coming from a ford family of 45+ years)

Try the M3 sedan, Audi S4/RS4 or even look at the ISf lexus?

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