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General For Sale Postings

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We recently encountered a situation where a member advertised goods for sale, collected money from 4 people, and then bolted, it would appear, to another state.

The specifics of that matter are not for discussion here.

The forum rules states the rules for "General For Sale Postings".

In light of the above matter the following guidelines are recommended for all transactions.

1. When a buyer transfers money to the bank account of the seller, it strongly recommended the buyer should post in the for sale thread "MONEY SENT".

This is to advise other members that a sale has taken place, and that no-one else should also transfer money, and to avoid a multiple sale situation. Please do not specify the bank account details, as that is a privacy issue.

2. It is recommended that the buyer should send the seller an electronic receipt confirming that money transfer via pm or email.

3. When the seller has received monies, or dispatched goods pending payment, the seller should promptly post in the for sale thread "SOLD".

This is so that everyone knows that the goods are no longer for sale, and the transaction is complete.

Words similar to the above will be added to Forum Rules, and admin will consider what is appropriate wording.

If everyone abides by the above guidelines we will avoid a repeat of what has recently happened, and it’s to everyone’s benefit.


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