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  • Farken yeah nah
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I bought a bunch of chili cheese kranskies, wrapped them in pastry and chucked them in the freezer.


Now I just nuke them for 4 minutes and dip them in bbq sauce to polish them off. ;)

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Beef and pork ribs. 9hrs on the beef and a 3-2-1 on them think pork ribs
Thick pork ribs. Sorry im well on my way haha.

So tender and juicy. Bones straight out. No effort at all. Delicious f2929d5f11e5336683a960c81145164f.jpg

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  • Bob the Freaking Builder
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Well... I made something for j@ since I’ve been home sick this week.

Potato Pave with a garlic compound butter.




Made it with a stuffed chicken breast :) 

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  • less WHY; more WOT
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had brunch the other day at a new-ish local cafe... ohh yeahhh eggs, spinach, avo, bacon, eggs, toast, cherry tomatos, mushroom, kransky and hash brown :drool:  then ate half of the missus' eggs benedict (no pics). bBHOHyZ.jpg

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