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Random Picture Post Thread.

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Can't stop staring at this one, she has me mesmerised...

great job on the kitchen Dags


regards this pic.... GET HELP :spoton:

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Think you've got TORQUE?

Let me introduce you to my leeetle friend!!!


The Liberty Belle is a 1976 Kenworth which is powered by a 1150 cubic inch, 4-turbo, water injected, Cummins Diesel that produces 3,500 hp+ and 5,000lb-ft + of torque. At maximum power, the Liberty Belle consumes about five gallons of Diesel in 300' (that's .05 miles/gallon) It has made appearances on TNN's "Trucking USA", "Motor Madness", ESPN's "Challenge of Power", and made an appearance in the movie "Smoky and the Bandit".

Click Here for a vid of The Liberty Belle in action.

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I will try to fix it for you it appears now that you are criuse control you can not see the gallery.


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