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WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread


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I think cruises in general are going down the sh*tter. Its hard nowadays to find a decent group of people that aren't just immature people showing off their rig. There will always be the people who are out to cause mischief, which is fine! The main issue is doing irresponsible things at the meet. Go somewhere else and do it lol. It attracts the wrong crowds the static parts of meets which looks bad, and gets unwanted attention.


I am part of a "group" called west horizons falcons. So far been a bunch of genuinely nice people. Been to 2 meets and met some really cool people. The group is public, but in the social chats there is probably less than 20 active people, all of which are really nice. 


Another good group, WA FPV Collective. It is a very tight-knit group, paid members, that do not do anything publicly. 90% of them are well over 30's (nothing wrong with that btw). They run events only for the members. A very well respected group. They held a dyno day at Monsta Torque last year, it was awesome.


Was part of Midnight Society for about a year, actually part of the "penthouse members". Basically the founders. Looooong story short the owner shut it all down and we left, they are back now, called Midnight Empire I believe. I actually went to High School with the guy who started the whole thing. He had his reasons for canning it for a while, don't agree with them, but its been and gone, and I happily converse with him when I see him out at meets here and there. Also a very nice guy, that club also holds pretty high standards for their members. 


Another one I'm particularly excited about is Blackplatnumz Automotive. They kinda came outta nowhere. They are big on organising cart related events (incl cruises) that also help local businesses. They have great socials, great videographers, photographers, they even have prizes, games, activities, at their events. These kinda org's are getting hard to come by, so its refreshing to see a club do it the right way.



Wow what a story, enjoy 🤣🤣

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On 19/01/2023 at 11:41 AM, masda74 said:

Not even the crap that Steve use to do on the cruises came close to what they were doing.

HAHAHAHA. I didn't see nothing. He's a very good driver though.

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On 19/01/2023 at 11:45 AM, k31th said:

haha what has happened to Steve anyway?

I actually haven't caught up with Steve for a while, but last I knew he'd bought a house and been going steady with a new lady for a while that he was pretty stoked with. Still had his XR6T, but it's mostly a garage queen these days as he'd bought a Honda Accord Euro as a daily. Last I saw his XR6T had cracked 380,000kms.

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oh gee, he hit 370,000km around this post (6th March 2019)... clearly isn't driving it much since then  :stirthepot:

His last post on this forum was 21st March 2019... that's a sad sight, his last post in his car thread ^^

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