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WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

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^^ when I vinyl wrap going a breeze type colour...maybe matte maybe gloss dunno.

anybody want this POS? just listed on gumtree. need $500 minimum for you blokes??? can post probs $25-50 with auspost.

also still selling a set of rims lol $950 advan RG staggered, $1850 rays gram lights 57CR square set...cant move much on these....maybe $50 bcbe073db96c6d8e4843f80cb8288bda.jpgb72308df3eb701cb2b944288ef95dfff.jpg51de448242dac991e252288e34c31960.jpg9939cf6ac63d5197192c12953126de60.jpg55ffee75880f009b2b5151ec3dbe6400.jpgf843290d927fcb46baf1ded8a20d1195.jpg

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Does anyone have any front turbo calipers (322mm) they dont need anymore, just really only need the slider brackets. 

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I hope this doesn't spell the death of Racewars as I quite liked going https://thewest.com.au/news/albany-advertiser/cams-slams-fatal-racewars-event-ng-b881207403z


I was hoping to go as a competitor next year if I get dads affairs sorted in time.


I haven't been on the forums or social media for months what with sorting out dads stuff and moving our company to it's new home in Subiaco, so I don't know if it ever made the news of the dad saying the son had swapped cars, which I don't see as being a failure on Racewars part.

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I have a brand new set of seat covers for UTE. BA of BF.   Genuine Ford. Leather and suede. 


Same as these. $750



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I got seriously p1ssed off this morning and wrote into the West about the total cluster f*ck on the Kwinana and the apparent lack of any forethought whatsover, why the hell didn't they do this over the weekend? Why even risk it going over time, knowing the amount of traffic that goes through there - seriously there's 6 lanes in total at Canning bridge and the overpaid underperformers cut it down to 1- and then to see these w4nkers standing around chatting when there's no work trucks or anyone packing anything up, that would cause the traffic cones and signs to still need to be out. just reeks of either incompetence or greed if they just wanted some extra over time.


Letters via wanews.onmicrosoft.com 
8:29 AM (2 hours ago)
to me

Thank you for your email.



Letters Editor




I have a few questions about the absolute mess that occured on the Kwinnana this morning near Canning bridge.


Who is being fired over the disgustingly inept handling of this mornings traffic issue?


After all if one of us real world workers had stuffed up this badly, we would have received our marching orders quicker than we could say What from WTF?


Who do we or our eomployers send the bill to for the time we were stuck in traffic?


Who do we or our eomployers send the bill to for the fuel we used whilst we were stuck in traffic?


Why when I finally drove past at 7:05AM, were two men gasbagging beside the first ute, two more by the second ute and one was walking back towards Canning bridge, yet all the lanes were open right behind them, no other vehicles were present at all and none of the men even loooked like they were close to removing the trraffic cones etc?


I left Mandurah at 5:00AM, I usually get to Subiaco by 6:00 - 6:15 depending on whether some poor sod has had a bingle and how many idiots slowed everyone down by rubbernecking, yet this morning I arrived at 7:25 thanks to this mornings mess.


Last week I lost 1.5 hours in total thanks to roadworks that supposedly finished at 5:00AM yet they were still pulling down signs after 6:20AM.


If anyone has dashcam footage I hope they post it up, because bad publicity appears to be the only way to get something done by any of the three levels of government in this country.


I also cannot remember a single time since the Mandurah train line opened where there hasn't been road works, when are we going to be able to get from work to home or vice versa without continually having to slow down for another peice of road work?




BTW the Mandurah train line opened 23 December 2007 apparently, which seems abuot right as no time over the last decade at least have I not had to drive through some roadworks from Perth to down south.

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