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Hey guys,

Good site, heaps of info. velocity blue 2005 ba mkii auto xr6t ute with colour-coded flexiglass (wish I had the carry-boy!) canopy. Stock aside from k&n panel filter, rebuilt and upgraded turbo. New KYB ahocks and DBA street series slotted rotors. Name's Mark from Greystanes, NSW area.

the "Soon" (read_if I have extra cash) list

Typhoon secondary air intake, 3" mandrel cat back, xr8 bonnet, dark tinted lights all around, genuine dark-agents or projectD deep-dish 5spoke 18's.

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gold coast, qld. 600rwkw 2004 ba mk2 ute BASIC RUNDOWN std crank, forged engine, atomic 4.5 cams, ported & polished head, o/s valves, precision 7275 gen2, nizpro manifolds, nizpro s

BF 05/07 Engine is still stock. Projection 350rwkw Suspension : Shockworks all round, Pedders SSL new leafs Brakes : R spec Brembos

Hey guys, Had a few XR6 turbo's in the past but was time to make the upgrade to an F6. ZF Auto 335rwkw X-force 3.5" Injectors Cooler pipes 20x8.5 & 20x10" rims (295 rear tyres) GT Bonnet XYZ coilo

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Hi all, been registered with forum for at least a couple years so this is my beast- 2006 December build BF series 2 XR6Turbo 6speed auto,lightning strike silver with lux pack, MODS- Horsefactory tune, HPI intercooler, Dillopo exhaust system 12psi actuator mod, trans cooler, suspension pedders lowered springs front and rear, 19" Kim Jane Tremor Chrome wheels 19"x8" with 245mm x 35 series- Maxis tyres, premium sound with intergrated DVD player connected to colour screen, power is set at two flash tunes 1st (street tune- 260rwkws) 2nd- (drag tune- 300rwkws) :turboboink::icon_ford:

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Hi all, just joined the site today

Had my BF Mk2 xr6 ute for 6 months, it's pretty standard at the moment but I would like to add tinted windows, upgrade the stereo (maybe a better screen and 6 stacker cd or the whole "premium sound" package) and a air intake off a typhoon or something similar :)

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Drive a bf xr6t ute mods include

Lowered with swaybars

Plazmaman 1000hp ic kit

3.5" dump + cat, twin 3" exhaust

60lb injectors

PW surge tank + 044

Wishlist includes cream leather interior, tubbed tray shortened diff to fit some nice rims on the back :) , possibly a respray in a dark candy marone

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2009 FG XR6t Ute Nitro - Stock


Hard Top (colour match)

rear spoiler (wing)

Premium Sound

Leather Interior

6 spd Manual

19" wheels

Mods looking at in the future:

CAI - Big Mouth

K&N Air Filter

Wanting ideas for improving performance before any decision has been made for upgrade to power on the ute :3gears: . I am welcome to suggestions from anyone of the forum on what is out there and what is the better brand, am I getting my moneys worth etc.

Cheers fellas


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Hey Guys

In Hobart TAS, Blood Orange '03 BA XR6. Standard apart from tint. Looking at Cold Air Intake and exhaust to start with and then Wheels and a bit more power.

Not doing too much cause its not a Turbo.

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G'day Gents. New member in Brisbane.

Last wednesday I traded my VE SV6 ute in on a White F6 ute. Have owned Expensive Daewoo utes for all of my 9 years of having a licence, and it was an easy decision to move over to the Blue Oval.

Picked it up last Night, and I'm in love- can't stop checking on it in the garage haha. Pics to follow, too busy cleaning and driving it at the moment though.

2010 Fg F6- white



Genuine matts

6 speed Auto

Only negatives I've found is

- roof lining- not wrapped completely around- looks like it's square cut with the edge- hope it doesn't come away

- tray is hollow/ tinny.

- glass has no seals around- just siliconed on. I may just be old fashioned.

Future Mods

-research on here anything I can do performance wise, without affecting warranty

- black BBS 19s

- less guard clearance

- screen mids for video, maybe reverse cam

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Hey All,

Just joined the forum (I've been a stalker for a while).

Just purchased an '09 FG XR6T Ute (Seduce Red).

It's bog stock while I figure out what I'm gonna do to it.. Location makes it hard for Nizpro as I'd have to travel a bloody long way..

Does anyone know if they offer a remote tune service using a data logger like some places do? I can get all the mods I want fitted locally but it's just the tune I'm worried about.

Also alot of mod forums no one really mentions the Cold Air Induction? Is SS Inductions Growler worth it or should I relocate the battery and get another system (if so who does this)?

Took it stock to a test and tune a few days after purchase.. Managed to run 13.87 @ 178km/h with shocking 60ft time (2.6s).. Old car was a subie WRX so I'm getting used to launching this beast.

Is there any advantage to redoing the headers with a set of pacemakers or anything? Or should I just focus on the dump pipe?



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Brendan you say you have a turbo so putting "extractors or pacemakers" would mean removing turbo. They are only used for n/a vehicles only. U should look for turbo back dump pipe.

Look around on here and many people are making Awsome power with STD exhaust as it is a pretty hood design from STD

Good luck

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G'day thought I'd give this a go

Purchased my baby around 16months ago now

list of mods

exterior: Typhoon front bar, lowered with pedders sports rider all round, full nolathane bush kit through ute, 19" G Max Boston rims, hard lid with power bulge, ford wing, black alteza tail lights

interior: triple gauge holder, kenwood 7" dvd player, short shift kit, altrex steering wheel (like the FPV just with a flat bottom), XR floor mats, T18 window tint with custom flames, xr6turbo.com sticker (wicked piece of kit!), MTX audio speakers all round, 12" sony sub with amp (cuz we gots to hav the doof doof ulah!), blue interior light, I also spray painted every plastic panel silver as I hated that dull gray look!

Fuel: twin 044 pumps with surge tank (located under tray), adjustable fuel reg, process west fuel rail, 80lb injectors

Intercooler:Standard ford hot pipe, HDI intercooler, custom pipe work from cold side to throttle body, plazmaman plenum

Engine: Atomin 698-gt long engine (on the way yeehah! :buttrock: )

Clutch: mal wood option 5 (going to offer an awesome delivery of power to the nitto invo 305 tyres :3gears:

Turbo: rebuilt by MTQ (due to engine failure), flapper mod, bigger auctuator

Exhaust - 4" dump pupe, volvo cat body, 4" out with 1 muffler to a twin 3" dump tip

Future Mods List - well at the end of the day I am really wanting my ute to have 500rw/kw. So I know I'm going to need a bigger turbo and a decent intercooler and probably more pipe work done, but I just can not wait to get her back on the road, running outa time too as I am off to bathurst this year and this is my transport! But its going to be one hell of a ute when its back on the road with the new engine, turbo and clutch. Dyno tuning is going to be carried out by Dave Sheehy have only head amazing things about this guy!

One last thing to finish off the ext would be to get me a XR8 Bonnet, just to match the power bulge in the hard lid

that's about it :spoton::icon_ford:

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G'day, got my XR6T in Edge last friday, had her a week now

was part of the limited build that had the luxury pack at a very decent price

put in front mud spats, tints, pollen filter and reverse camera


Stanhope Gardens NSW

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gday guys

just bought a fg xr6t ute in 'black'

I live in geelong vic. hopefuly will take my new toy home by the end of the week

got the luxury pack thrown in as part of the deal ford are offering.

would love to get it to 300 rwkws put 20's on her and lower her so it sits flat and low


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'06 FPV BFII F6 Tornado... Build No. 180

6 speed man

Premium Sound

Brembo Package

Ego Paint

Located South of Adelaide

factory spec for now... 270 is bloody good fun! Looking at having Heirich do some work in the future,

would like:

Flash Tune & X-Cal3

High Flow Cat

Remove Centre Muffler

60lb Siemens Injectors

Higher flow fuel pump

shouldn't cost more than Approx $2000 to $2500

Should see over 300 at the rear! then just to find a way of making it stick to the road... Anyone here running over 300 at the rear? how do they handle it?

Ahh screw it I'll just drive sideways...

Always up for a cruise =)


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Hey fellow uters, 03 Ba XR6T, standard as for now except had the 4 speed auto box rebuilt and overhauled, stronger solenoids and the pressure increased to allow a quicker shift. would deffinetly recommend this for other 4speed owners. Theres a whole list of things I'm planning to do. Looking for high 300 rwkw, and an all round tough looking ute, boss bonnet and hardcover nice set of charcol or black 19-20" rims and a decent sound system, make this ute stand out from the crowd a little. Any tips on what to do or where to get certain items and good prices would be greatly appreciated

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Hey all from Perth got a 03 BA xr6t 4 speed auto

Exterior is all black with stock wheels powered coated black and dark tint, got performance lights on it ATM thinking of darkening them aswell

Pretty much stoke besides centre muffler removing tomorrow,

Interior a has had bit of work like carbon fibre gear sticks and panels aswell has centre area near radio all gloss black and few other minor details.

I plan on getting:

Flash tune


New rims ( stock rims powdercoated black ATM)

Might lower

And maybe some injectors

Car is in really good condition and gonna be my new little hobby to work on has 95k km on it ATM and from long drives clocking up fast.

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Hello all, took delivery of my 05 black magnet auto xrt about a week ago and am loving it! Am living in Mackay. Keen to get a tune done by cpv to liven it up a bit more but after reading all I have here am really considering turning it over in 6 months and looking for a bf2 or maybe an fg but not really sure. Would love a reliable 300rwkw but see something newer as a better foundation... See how I go!

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Hey Everyone Dan from Perth

2011 FG XR6t ute with luxury pack

Colour = Edge


Growler Airbox & Big Mouth

Custom 3" Intake Pipe


Flowline auto lock lid going on soon

Coolerworx Pipes on the way

Gauges Ordered - Carbon Fiber Autometer

Ordered SS induction triple gauge pod now to play the waiting game

In the near future

- Flash tune

- Dump/Cat

- Lower

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