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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone, new member here. Hope you guys can help me with an issue that's popped up. My FGX XR6T has recently developed a ticking/knocking and rattling sound after having it's diff bushes replaced under warranty (bought it from Pickles fixed price about a month ago). Their statutory warranty has been a PITA to deal with, but that's a story for another time. Since I've had it back, I've noticed a ticking sound from the front (somewhere near the engine) and a rattling sound from the rear (somewhere near the diff). I've taken a video of both issues and a mate of mine thinks it may be an exhaust leak and the exhaust rubbing/contacting against something. When in neutral, the ticking noise increases in speed as you rev higher. The knocking sound doesn't start until the engine is fully warmed up. Based on this fact alone, I doubt it's an exhaust leak but my mate has much more mechanical experience than me. I've tried comparing the knocking sound to different videos on the forum and youtube and judging from that, it seems that it could be anything from exhaust leak, bent conrods, bad crankshaft bearings or even piston slap. I really don't trust the Pickles workshop to be able to sort this out since they created the problem in the first place... Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks. Please move this thread to another area if it's not the appropriate topic. Car details: - 2016 FGX XR6 Turbo - Ex-highway patrol car (cop chip and extras removed) - 81,000km on odo - No mods - Recently had diff bushes replaced - All fluids except power steering have been replaced with Nulon recommended products (Engine, Trans, Diff, Radiator, Brake) Knocking sounds: Exhaust rattle:
  2. So , its come to this...... so much time spent researching on forums, talking to people, throwing outs endless amounts of money, for a car im growing to loathe. All ive wanted to do was have my car running "decent" after my last venture which was this I once again still have a rattle and new symptoms after tightening all bolts and thinking Everything was sorted. I shoulda known better grrrrr! Basically Ive noticed over the last few days my clutch has a mind of its own , every so often it decides it has 2 release points (one very close to the floor and isnt like a full clutch release it allows to motion forward but not take off fully{never there before} and the standard release point {still the same}. Also noticed my car struggles to start (but the starter motor and battery etc etc are strong- its like the car is spinning the engine up but its not kicking over , it does kick over though as soon as I let go of the key from "starter motor position") and finally when the car turns over it has a funny sound on idle. Ive read up about flexplate issues and flywheel issues . since my car is a manual what car I look for and do myself? Is it probably a fly wheel issue? My clutch was done 10,000kms ago with a Xtreme twin plate clutch ? surely everything is still good and tight since then? Do the cars issues match what im even thinking? im currently at a loss couldnt drive the car for 4 weeks , dropped another $1000 then spent most of my "weekend" bolt tightening. from what ive read I shouldnt be driving the car again and im probably up for another massive bill. Any help appreciated, cheers
  3. Has anyone out there got any experience of taking their vehicle in for the "no obligation" pedders tech check? My 2010 FG on 77,000km has a little bit of rumble and knock from the front suspension, not to mention the horrible dry creaking when manoeuvring at full steering lock. Like most of us, I absolutely love my XR6 Turbo and want to keep it pristine. The car is still under warranty for a couple of months, so I'm keen to get ford to cover the components and labour where possible. I don't want to be fobbed off by the ford dealer servicing centre saying nothing is wrong, likewise I don't want to walk in there with an excessive report from a pedders franchise saying just about everything is wrong, only to be laughed at. 1. Does anyone have experience of good pedders in the Sydney area where you'll get advice without them trying to win a bit of work? 2. Has anyone had issues with them advising that work MUST be done there and then before they give back the car? 3. Does anyone have any experience as to what suspension components the ford dealership will or won't cover under the warranty? Whilst I have no reason to suspect that either party will be looking to mug me off and I'm not in to slandering honest businesses, I am keen to hear of peoples thoughts and experiences on this. Thanks, Keith
  4. OK, I know similar questions have been asked but couldnt find any that were exactly the same as mine. I have a 2003 xr6t and recently the left side rear end has been making a clunking\knocking noise when going over bumps and rough roads. It doesnt seem to happen when both wheels hit a bump but rather when it is the left rear wheel by itself. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar thing happen and if there were any solutions to this problem. I have had the 3 diff mounts replaced less then 5000k ago. I have had a look at the bushes and the only ones I can see that look suspect is the top shock bushes. Should these fit flush in the center with the bolt that holds them in becuase there seems to be a 3mm gap between the bolt and the bush. Anything would be helpful. Also one more sympton is that sometimes when taking off from a standstill the rear end will shutter as if somthing is holding it back. Thanks
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