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  1. LRJ77

    Bf indicators

    I live on a dirt Rd which at times has bad corrigations at times so probably vibrations didn't help
  2. LRJ77

    Bf indicators

    Auto Elec went through it all found a pin connector in cluster the main power wire was not connecting properly and a 6 dollar pin and an hour and a half to diagnose and fix it so 200 to fix it so better than no indicators . And I'm sure other auto elec would of charged me alot more so pretty happy with the bloke .
  3. LRJ77

    Bf indicators

    Yeah I know mate it's more an electrical than mechanical problem . It's booked in this morning thanks .
  4. LRJ77

    Bf indicators

    Great chat 🤣 plenty of informative info thanks 🤣🫣
  5. LRJ77

    Bf indicators

    Indicators and Hazards not working ticking fast but no green arrows or globes flashing . I have changed fuses and globes . Didn't fix so changed combination switch as told that's the relay not a Seperate fuse or relay box . ? Still same issue . Does anyone know could it be the small indicators up on front guards could they be the problem as changed for main bulbs .. any help would help it's not the xr6 but I believe same combo switch set up in xt mk 2 bf . Also it started intermittently when indicating hazards would come on sometimes then a month or so after it just stopped doing anything replaced all bulbs fuses and combo switch . Then got the fast ticking with no green arrows or bulbs flashing
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