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  1. Happy Birthday spiralink!

  2. Happy Birthday spiralink!

  3. Happy Birthday spiralink!

  4. Happy Birthday spiralink!

  5. ABN- Run everything through company. Thanx for the advice, definately the best way to go, if you can do it that way.
  6. Thanx, but no thanx 1. Will buy new one 2. Looking at putting on a set of simmons FR (19) 8.5"s on front, 9.5"s on the back 3. Was originally going to spend 5 grand on mods, after speaking to RDP, im better off tipping in another 1500, should give me enough KW's Just want to do my own mods.
  7. Not sure if I can wait until next april, my 2004 xr ute not getting any younger!
  8. [ Thanx for the advice, will go for the ute, spoke to steve at rdp, worked out an upgrade, have spoken to wayne bennet at southside, any other dealerships worth looking at for a good deal in brisbane?????
  9. Either one would suit my needs, think I'll go for the tornado 100 % right off through work, have been happy with current ute,just lacking in performance, accountant advice go with lease plan. after the purchase, want to spend the spare 5 grand on motor upgrade, maybe go through RDP, would that be a good call?? just want something that goes hard basically.
  10. Hi Guy's, having trouble making up my mind, currently have a 2004 xr6 ute with 86k"s, time to upgrade to either an F6 typ or F6 Torn, also will have about 5 grand spare for an upgrade on the motor, anyone have some suggestions??

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