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  1. Happy Birthday maximus thrustimus!

  2. Happy Birthday maximus thrustimus!

  3. Happy Birthday maximus thrustimus!

  4. Happy Birthday maximus thrustimus!

  5. "A more flexible workforce" is Howard speak for desperate workers. The aim of the Howard government is to drive wages down. There will be the odd good news story, like the recent fair pay commission decision but overall the trend is to have more working poor available. Most people who are doing ok at the moment will probably live to see their children and grandchildren with a higher mortality rate, working longer hours for less money without being able to afford to buy a home.....sounds like progress to me. Mark me down as another old commie Mick
  6. Hi all. A run down to the King George pub in Picton would be nice. I'd like to see the front carpark there filled with BA and BF turbo's. Cheers Maximus Thrustimus PS....Might be better to wait till all the bushire stuff is sorted first

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