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  1. ute register

    hi ute-sters, great if you could post here with your general location and any details of your mods (if you want) and maybe a wish list of modifications for the utes gathering info for two door coupes with big boots of the AU-BA XR6-XRT-XR8 variety .... maybe we can get our heads together on our wish lists thanks guys .... this section of the forum needs our energy
  2. Happy Birthday Cobra!

  3. In the next week the moderators will get together and set out the first draft of a clear set of "rules" for ALL members to follow on cruises and similar events. Matters of speeding, wreckless driving and bad behaviour as described in various Cruise threads are unacceptable. Edit: Link Removed. Member's input to these "rules" is invited. These new "rules" will cover issues of speeding, safety on public roads and general behaviour as a group when we get together. This forum (and soon to be club) is a result of tremendous effort and support. The forum is far too valuable to jeopardise with irresponsible behaviour by any of its members. More importantly, we don't want a road kill on our conscience. Please air your thoughts, both positive and negative, and help create the "rules" for a safe and enjoyable environment when we have cruises and events. More track events will be organised to vent the pressure build-up in our right feet and safe/defensive driving instruction courses are also being planned. the FordXR6Turbo.com moderating team
  4. How Do We Use Our Utes?

    it's a work ute ... but it's a pleasure
  5. Upgrade 4 Sp Auto To A Zf In Baxr6t

    must be going blind ... but I can't see any difference in the tunnel between the BA and the BF
  6. Stock Power Outputs

  7. Ba Xr6 Turbo Ute Rear Suspension

    why on earth would you want IRS in a ute ? most of my world is ripping the IRS out of performance cars and replacing it with live axle ..... coil over struts though
  8. Go The Aussies

    unbelievable game
  9. Typhoon Questions

    1 - about 11.30 2 - noisy but tough 3 - 15.5 ... 50% mountain driving 50% city 4 - auto's run a 200 rpm over rev limit under wot (I think) ... so the bells would be going off all the time for you ... d'oh the manual rev alerts are not gear change alerts keep it off the peak revs if you are getting Ford servicing .... big brother is watching
  10. Premium Brakes

    DSC can't upgrade ... that's why the FPVs don't have DSC
  11. Server Busy Error

    for me coming here is like being back on dialup
  12. Calder Park Friday 24 Feb

    we got there late ... warm night .... alot of holedns only stayed for abit ... a little disappointed not to have seen the TT GT if its cooler next week might give the phoon a run
  13. Diffs, How To Toughen Em!

    on my second diff in the ute ... third will be a 9" :biglaugh:
  14. Bf Typhoon Auto 13.1@108mph *stock*

    know the car and know the owner .... awesome
  15. What Fords Do You Own

    daily drivers Rob - BF F6 auto BLACK !!!!!!!!!! Meg - BF XRT auto BLACK !!!!!!!!!! <--- a company fleet car .. wtf .. I'd like a job there my work truck 04' F250 BLACK !!!!!!!!!!!! other staff cars 04 Terri AWD (hgag or lightning ) & XF ute (dirty colour )
  16. Tuner Liability

    I had a brand new car modified and tuned ..... while on the dyno it hurt itself .... the water wasn't checked and not having any water in it did not help spent about $15k with this particular performance shop an unsigned "disclaimer" was shoved into my hand .... I'm told I signed one these forms .... I responded with a "wtf" quote tuner "I take absolutely and categorically no responsability when something goes pear shaped or gets hurt in the shop.... you came to me asking me to help achieve your plans.... you play you pay ... I just try my best to do what I'm asked" the engine had done 350km and it cost me $9000 to rebuild ... the tuner never paid a penny ... he stopped talking to me I do my own work now; don't mind paying for my own mistakes. Do strong and safe tunes ... the last rwkw just ain't worth it most tuners around do the same stuff and get similar results give or take 10% depending on the weather .... it is a rip off when all that happens is the zeros & ones are played on the cars ecu with the "unleash the power" attitude ... never mind your car will die at 10k instead of 100k ... I think they don't really care. Maybe they hope that you sell the car to someone else and allow the tuner to become one further degree removed from the initial rip off basic mechanical improvements are manditory for the best results ... and that doesn't include switching air filters or injectors or exhausts ... they are all easy simple bolt-ons that reduce the life of your asset and in combination with fiddling with a few parameters on the cars ecu will expose the owners of near new cars to grief and debt .... ALONE back next year
  17. Detroit Locker

    explain to me how lockers loose horsepower
  18. Did You Know

    timed by who ?? oops ... forgot to start the stopwatch ....
  19. Bf Xr6 Turbo Transmissions

    auto ..... $1250 well spent
  20. My better half drives a Black XR6T BF auto .... we have had 3 XRTs and this one is by far the best .... certainly better than any manual XRT I've driven and way way better than the old 4 speed
  21. F6 Typhoon

    being the proud owner of black BF auto Typhoon I'm biased colour.... go BLACK .... looks so good with the front and rear bars auto ... yes 19" .... nah ... I thought the F6 18s looked better with BLACK ... might go aftermarket and gets some 19x9 in the car ... LCT of 25% on wheels insurance AAMI $275pa with $2000 excess, rating 1 (little do they know ) good luck and enjoy
  22. How Good Really Is The F6?

    Al Its still a Ford resale is crap. http://www.carsales.com.au/pls/carsales/...icle_id=2739183 EX FACTORY DEMO,BREMBO BRAKES,PREMIUM SOUND 15odd k loss under 12 months old. that Typhoon is green Daz ... they retail for $10k less who knows about resale price or better or worse than some Euro cars just done 500km in a F6 auto and I think they are the best thing since sliced bread
  23. Whos For I R Reforms

    protect the blood of the working man don't spill it in the streets again !!!!!
  24. Svo Fpv Tickford Special

    give the guy credit for not doing things half heartedly we all have a little "show" on our cars, he had a lot of on his maybe he likes RED
  25. Typhoon Paint Issues

    evidently there are some major issues with the FPV front and rear skirts ... I hear that they are hanging on to the cars till it is resolved not an issue with the XRs also heard that all 05 plated FPVs should go out by the end of the calender year ..... 06?

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