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  1. checked all earth wires still no go
  2. so I should check the earth wire run from engine to the body and the negative terminal aswel
  3. hi ihave a 1999 ford fairlane au with the 4.0 ltr vct motor so I had to replace gearbox so pulled motor and gearbox out then 5 month later got a gearbox so put it back in and no start and no fuel tested fuel pump and starter motor both working fine checked all fuese an relays all fine any ideas
  4. hi ive got the exact problem no start an no fuel tested fuel an starter both work on my 99 ford fairlane au had motor an gearbox out for 4 month had to replace gearbox by the time I put everything back in nothing but fuel pump an stater working fine let us know if you get urs going
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