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  1. Yea thanks I was surprised with the loss of power especially since the leak that sound very much like an exhaust manifold leak does seem to go away after 3 to 5 mins so really wasn't expecting any loss let alone the amount I did my son's NA XR6 FG leaves me behind till around 100 km. And both these issues started at the same time so since I knew to the turbo scene and know very little about them I am mechanically minded so hopefully I can get up to scratch with a basic understanding of them and there problems
  2. Hi all I have a 2013 FG XR6 turbo stock as they come it's done 200000 km and I have had it for 5 or so months absolutely love the thing when going well. Anyway I have something that sounds like a exhaust manifold leak possibly at the back of the motor, once it warms up it seems to go away the sound that is and since I have had this problem my car has lost a lot of power in first gear it's hard to notice any boost 2nd and third pull better but not like it should. If any body Can give me any idea of the problem. I realise if the manifold is leaking the turbo won't be getting as much airflow to spin but the leak seems to go away but still this issue I will do gasket asap or tighten bolts if need just wondering if there is another problem causing the loss of power as the manifold seems to stop leaking and still a loss of power
  3. No problems mate really appreciate your in put anyway. Since you here talking to me have one more question when I turn my car off the turbo still spins for awhile and when it is it sounds like a dry loose bearing is my turbo on its last legs this is my first turbo car so not to sure about turbo stuff was a V8 fan had a xe Fairmount Ghia with 351 that was around 430hp nothing sounds as good as an old V8
  4. No mate haven't had scanned. So it's not something that can be turned off on the command centre cause it seems like it stopped working when I was playing around with the command centre. I've wanted a scan tool for awhile now gives me an excuse to get one now I suppose.
  5. Yea mate the camera is working but the lines for the sonar are not lighting up and no beeps. Is it possible to be turned off cause I was playing around with the settings on the interior command centre
  6. Sorry didn't notice my spelling but it's my reverse sonar that I am having trouble with what's with the water and coffee
  7. Hi all I have a 2014 FG Falcon turbo and my reverse sober has stopped working all of a sudden can anyone help
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