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  1. Hi just wondering what type of boost controls people run on a na+t. I currently have a manual Saas controller but thinking of changing to a HDI controller. Just wondering if the $150 price tag is worth it over the manual controller. Cheers
  2. Hi all im trying to find a 4 map sensor to use in my g6e na+t build but having difficulty finding one. Any help would be appreciated. Have also heard that you need an adaptor for the wiring loom so I dont mind having to get one. Cheers
  3. Hi all just wondering if the na fuel pressure reg is ok for a na+t setup. Ive read on other sites that they are 4 bar same as the turbo use. Any knowledge would be good. Cheers
  4. I want to go for the high mount look instead of stock spot. Ive seen that the j pipe sits in an alright spot. Just want to know if there will be power restrictions compared to a custom high mount manifold
  5. Im planning to buy a Pulsar gt3582r gen 2
  6. Hi just looking to see what people think about using a j pipe instead of a custom high mount. Im looking to chase 460kw out of my project. Should I just cough up the money or is a j pipe reliable enough? cheers
  7. TheRanga

    Rod bolts

    Hi all just trying find out what the rod bolts are for an fg motor. Trying to find new ones. Cheers
  8. Just wondering if any knows a place in perth, wa that would help with getting an engineers certificate. Messaged a couple and none of them got back to me. Cheers
  9. Im planning to put a walbro 525 into car, but it currently doesn’t have the turbo motor in and is na. If I change the stock one to this new one will I need a tune? Im not changing regulators. Cheers
  10. Just trying to find what a good turbo would be for my build without having to spend $3k, ive been looking at the pulsar gtr3582r gen2, but want to see other peoples suggestions
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