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  1. Yea I took it to a dyno and had it properly tuned, car drives like new and pulls really strong so happy with the results
  2. Hey mate yea that’s the actual fuel consumption of the car but I’ve resolved the issue, it ended up being 2 of the injectors were completely stuffed and the rest being some sh*ty eBay ones so got a new set of injector dynamics 1050’s and now runs perfect
  3. Hey guys so after owning the car for 2 weeks my worst nightmare has occurred today, the bottom end has let go and is toast from the sound (still runs but sounds terrible and extreme vibration). I’ve read on many forums that an easy replacement/ upgrade is to go with a gas motor and I’ve found a few in my area with low kms. My question is what it takes to change over the parts from the turbo engine onto the bare gas motor and if the upgrades done to the turbo engine are able to be run in the gas one such as, head studs, valve springs, injectors stage 2 crow cams. I’m pretty handy with tools so I’m looking to do this in the garage so any tips on taking motor out and in and just on tarring the engine down advice would be much appreciated. cherts
  4. So I’ve done some searching around the car and noticed that the post cat o2 sensor is missing and there is a bung screwed in it, is it suggested to get one installed when it’s at the tuner or is it fine to put one in and see if that solves the issue, my idea is that the sensor got removed after the car was previously tuned and now it’s totally messed up the ecu
  5. Seems like there’s heaps of options in the seq area so I’ll definitely do some calling around, appreciate the help👍
  6. Yea understandable, any recommendations on a good tuner for this purpose, I live on the Gold Coast but happy to travel if needed, not after more power just want it to get fine tuned Car was originally posted for 14k with 150k kms, once I found out the turbo is stuffed I got it down to 12 but than found out it needs few things done for roady so I ended up taking for 10k
  7. Yea that’s what I’ve been looking to get done for sure, would the aftermarket cams have this dramatic effect on the fuel consumption too? Cause the car runs fine just drinks fuel like crazy
  8. Hey guys so I’ve just purchased a 2004 ba xr6 turbo and the seller didn’t give me much info based on what’s done to it stating that the previous owner did all the mods, for this reason I got decent chunk off the price, car came with a blown turbo which I have replaced with a new core, the car has, valve springs, head studs, stage 2 crow cams, custom intercooler and piping, 2300 stall converter, 1000cc injectors, 460 fuel pump, but I’m not sure what tune it has, the car runs great but I’m currently getting 30l/100kms, and that’s on 98, I’m not sure as to why it is seeing that other people get around 16L/100 with these cars, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated cheers
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