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  1. Mate. Use a pc. I am stuck in the old ages. That's why I drive a v8. Soon./ well not real soon. I am guessing 10 years there will be no petrol cars left. PS. I don't even know what tap a talk is. . I hate fones. Thwere for sms and calling triple 000.
  2. I have a GT 290 and a g 220. The g 220 is meant for lazy drives. Actually, most times I prefer the quite , easy going of the g220 over my gt 290.
  3. Its an xr8 mate. Get rid of it Mate.There a dime a dozen. But so are the turbos. Buy a GT or a special model turbo. I personally would buy a GT. Everybody raves on about the ls1, ls2 ls3. I have had the ls1 and ls2. And l will let you in on a secret. Up high, I mean above 180 , the ford craps all over the Expensive Daewoo ls2.
  4. If any of you guys live down north Haven way I would love to run my GT 290 against your In lines. The barra is revered. But there really is not that much in it. People rave on about the ls2 and the Turbo barra. But the 5.4 gets no love. Its got quad cams that should provide low , mid and very high torque. Actually it was the first car in Aussie to have quad cams. That's two per side. Yes I know the Inline turbo is a much simpler engine. But there 800,000 in a million. How many 290 GT's are there?
  5. This happened to my dads Hyundai. Ford on port road charged him 500 dollars. and just off memory , they charged him 70 dollars just to replace the battery in the remote.
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