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  1. Yes hi my xr6 turbo ba 2003 mk2 it's funny because I also have kind of the same problem as to my issue is the car runs like for a day then next day no winning then turn key off and start back up then a winning noise accurrs then it goes into limp mode anyone knows why cheers
  2. Limp mode

    Limp mode

    Hey guys just want to put out there before you take it to a mechanic just make sure hose clamps are tight because my xr6 turbo BA 2003 model I had a problem with limp mode for about 6 to 8 months now until I checked my hose clamps on my air intake and notice there were 2 clamps that were broken so I replaced them and cleared the fault codes and now car is fine runs like the first day I brought it fort ill pass my experience around hope it helps cheers Dave
  3. Hey mate I was the same car in Limp mode for like 6 months tryna figure out what it was until I look at the motor today and realised a couple of hose clamps were not tight so I replaced them with new ones and reset codes and car is fine drive it all day today and no Limp mode
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