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  1. I did not realise I would have to re tune to suit the hi flow cat, that's the end of that
  2. Going to be very expensive to straighten out, possibly looking at Venom Exhaust cat section replacement Venom Exhaust Ford BA BF XR6T 100 cell high flow stainless steel bolt on cat pipe (mrcperformance.com.au) but concerned it will throw and eng code as it appears to only have 1 sensor (BA), BF has 2, 1 before and 1 after cat Any thoughts, how hard is it to by pass the eng code ??
  3. I have damaged the front section of my exhaust (the part with the cat in it) and need to replace it, unfortunately I have found nothing after looking through gum tree and ebay Just wondering if someone may have one lying around I could purchase, or if anyone could steer me in the right direction it would be appreciated
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