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  1. Happy Birthday Paul@eliteauto!

  2. Just to clarify Mick its the fastest 2.6 litre Kenne Bell Manual in the country. Agro's is 2.8 or bigger and as you said.Chris's is auto. Cheers Paul
  3. Miami/Coyote not a Boss. Cheers Paul
  4. Fantastic result that looks and goes great Cheers Paul
  5. Thanks Mick well done and good luck Cheers Paul
  6. Good luck Bel Say Hi to Mick for me and make sure you train or it will hurt like hell Cheers Paul
  7. Done and dusted! 100km 3hrs 44 minuts of pedeling. Rode with Craig Lowdnes for a while. I raised $2470 20th overall in top fundaisers and the team I was in raised over $25000 the best ever for this event. Cheers Paul
  8. Thanks Howsee and thanks to Sutty for a huge donation
  9. Thank you to David and the boys from KPM for there support and donation! Cheers Paul
  10. Come on guys only a couple of days left to donate. Only asking for a small amount to help a great cause. AFF have been very supportive , show them you guys care too. Cheers Paul
  11. Thank you Spiko for your kind donation. Very much apprieciated.
  12. Thanks to Dalts and the XR Club of Qld for their donations. Also a few Xr club member have kindly donated. Keep the donations coming guys. Not easy getting up on cold mornings at 4.15 to train. Make it worth it and please give to a worthy cause. Even if its only $5. My team is second on the collection list raising just on $8000 so far. Please help up keep it going. Cheers Paul
  13. I got one on my FG F6. Sounds ok. Had to have it modified after months of fitment issues. We have had just as good results with xforce. Fit in half the time and get parts easy if you need them. Try and buy a Nizpro part on a Saturday interstate. Cheers Paul
  14. We are very happy to help you Phil. As I say to people you can have a guitar tuned but it still sounds like crap, but its still tuned. The time and effort we put into our results hopefully have spoken for themselves. Cheers Paul

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