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  1. How do I go about that will I have to remove the whole tank and hook a battery up to the fuel pump? Or is there an easier way
  2. Didnt come with a tune box as far as im aware, my tank is full up with 98 now so do you think I should drain it completely and put some new 98 back in?
  3. Hey Guys So I recently brought an 08 FG turbo off a guy from facebook, stoked as with the car driving it home (about an hour and a half from where I live) I made the mistake of putting 91 in it I assumed it wouldnt be a problem bc I owned a ba xr6t prior and it ran fine on 91, anyway it drove home fine come the next day I drove it around in the morning to show one of my friends and when I went to leave I started the car and when I put it in Reverse it stalled all of a sudden (yes its Auto) to my frustration I ended up getting it to drive again and once I got it on the road I gave i
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