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  1. I'm a Shearer so most jobs are on dirt roads all over the state one day Months after the I'd put the shocks in n months after they did the bushes I noticed it ii n the rear view n it slowly got more noticeable
  2. I did the shocks n they did the bushes at start of year yeah they did haft to change the flange from my old diff over could be it or tailshaft? From wear n tear will be taking it in later today or tomorrow
  3. Hey guys first post here just want after some opinions got a FG na ute n it's bouncing up n down drivers side of the tub like no tomorrow just had a fresh LSD put it in it did that before the new diff but is getting much worse since driving it today Superpro bushes kit put in 10,000ks ago kyb shocks bout the same time the springs though are looking nearly straight there the only thing that hasn't been done car has done over 300,000 do I buy XR6 springs or is the tub coming loose 😂
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