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  1. Possibly, I feel like if it was the wheels, it would happen weather my foot was on the throttle or not as is as soon as I touch the accelerator it starts, and as soon as I get off it vanishes, I was thinking something along the lines of throttle body/etc
  2. is their anyway I could share a video on here? I recorded the noise and would love to share so people have a better understanding of what I’m talking about
  3. If I ever find it, the noise has been there for 3 months
  4. I’m a suspension mechanic and I reset my rear springs a few months ago and everything looked fine bushes wise, never the less when I get the chance I’ll through it back on the hoist and have a good look
  5. Hey guys I have a 2011 mk1 manual Ute, it has a high pitched noise between 90-120 you can’t hear a thing until you hit 90, and it disappears complete at 120, it’s only noticeable when cruising at that speed, and it only happens when I’m accelerating, as soon as I take my foot off it disappears. as you can imagine it’s quite hard to diagnose a noise that only happens at highway speed any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. Possibly, I’ll clean everything out and see how I go thanks
  7. Probably should have mentioned that traction control was off its done it once before just as I started to do a stand still, so for the most part I’ve just been driving it like an old lady edit* the first time it did it, I built the revs up, dropped the clutch and as soon as the tires started to light up the engine light started flashing and it started to run like sh*t, similar feeling to traction control, but not quite the same
  8. Hey guys so ive only had the car for about 3 months it runs like an absolute dream, but sometimes when I put my foot down coming out of a corner, the engine light starts to flash and the car becomes all stuttery and vibrates like I’m trying to take off in 5th. if I wait about 30 seconds or turn the car off it goes away and the car runs like a dream again. the cars never been tuned to my knowledge, it has turbo side intake, eBay intercooler and alloy piping any help would be appreciated
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