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  1. Everything got sorted. They got in with PCMTEC
  2. I don’t want to drop names. But first shop was trash. second shop is very very very good. One of the best for turbo falcons in Melbourne. They hold records for some of the fastest cars. able to give me some information on what your talking about?
  3. Yeah my tuner said he had seen it once before. But that shop who had done it sent them a file that could be accessed with HPT. its a very strange situation. I’ve made a post on Club FG to see if anyone has had it happen before. Hopefully I’ll find more help here!
  4. I’m not to sure man. When connecting with HP Tuners. The operating system is a bunch of Symbols.
  5. Yeah I think my only option is to have ford tech to fix it up then have the tuner tune it! Any idea how much it roughly costs?
  6. The other shop is trash and aren’t cooperating with assisting us to fix it. Plus are trying to charge me to unlock it and won’t send the file to the new shop.. it’s on the other side of Victoria to where my car is mate
  7. I’ve recently bought a FG MK1 G6E Turbo. the car had previous work done at another shop. the car is currently is at another shop and they can’t access the ECU as it fails to Validate the Checksum. anyone got any pointers on how to fix this?
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