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  1. I supplied the after market mounts and they just charged me 2 hours labour. can the right hand side front diff bush be taken out and replaced from the bottom as that's a job for me.
  2. Ford have done all the work so far.
  3. Hi Arronm Ok found it. The 2 on the passenger side have just been done but I didn't know about the one on the drivers side but had a good look and it looks in good shape, it also looks more like a locating bush mounted vertically rather than horizontally. Can this bush be removed and replaced from the bottom? The second part you mentioned ,rear gearbox mount I have ordered and will do the two together. So far I have replaced 3 X rear diff bushes. 2 X front left diff bushes. 2 X engine mounts. If the front right diff bush and rear gearbox mount doesn't fix it I only have drive shafts left. Thanks AndyF6X
  4. Hi Arronm Does my AWD turbo territory have both right hand diff bush and mount.
  5. Hi Burkey05 Not sure what I'am looking at in your picture. Is your 3rd bush your talking about the same as the rear engine mount/gearbox mount part number A6016 as I cant see any other bushes on the drivers side. Thanks AndyF6X
  6. Engine mounts brand new and done up tight, tail shaft bearing not very old and looks ok. not sure if exhaust mounts would cause a vibration.The vibration feels like its now up front. Thanks for your comments, everything helps. Regards AndyF6X
  7. Hi All Replaced engine mounts and rear gearbox mount today. Vibration has reduced but still there under load. A few people have said that these territories also have troubles with the drive shafts so that's my next project. The vibration has changed from the whole vehicle shaking to a smaller vibration which feels like its just coming from under the drivers feet. Is there anything else inside the diffs or transfer case that could cause this. After the drive shafts are done that's the whole drive train replaced. Thanks AndyF6X
  8. Hi k31th Thanks. Will have a look tomorrow.
  9. I will be very happy for a long time keep after I have sorted out some of the gremlins. Another one found today. Vehicle starts and runs smoothly but after sitting in traffic for a few minutes the engine starts to run rough and try's to stall. The head was rebuilt 2 years ago so the inlet and exhaust manifold gaskets were replaced. Any Ideas ??? Thanks AndyF6X
  10. Hi Arronm Replaced 3 rear diff bushes and all front bushes except rear gearbox mount. If I replace rear gearbox mount and engine mounts hopefully vibration will go. Every job on these are difficult to get to. Thanks AndyF6X
  11. Hi k31th Thanks for your reply. Ball joints have also been done. Does anybody know if you can use the normal Turbo Territory engine mounts. I would assume the F6X mounts are physically the same just a stiffer compound to put up with the extra torque. AndyF6X
  12. Hi All I have just bought a FPV F6X unfortunately it has a vibration while in high gears and under load. I have changed the rear and front diff bushes and balanced the tail shaft on and off the vehicle and I'am still getting a vibration. the only thing left is engine and gear box mounts. Ford want nearly $1200 for a pair of engine mounts does anybody know if you can get after market mounts. Thanks
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