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  1. Car already has a larger dump with 100 cell cat, unsure of entire system as it's definitely not stock however overall quiet. Im guessing single 2.5 to 3 if anything. Id rather keep the system on as is since it isn't loud at all however dump and cats are upgraded
  2. Hi all, Long time lurker here and hopefully I've done enough research in regard to what I'd like to do on my r. Currently have a BA XR6T ute which will be a daily so not after a monster but more so reliabilty and some extra power. Basically I am planning to perform the following myself 3.73 rear end swap with rebuilt LSD (not after truetrac) Walbro 460 e85 1000cc injectors with new standard 4bar regulator Retain BTR, currently running fine Retain standard air intake with crossover HDI cooler kit (rated to 700hp), not sure how these go with heatsoak? Retain factory turbo, no shaft play or noise etc, not sure if flapper mod needed? Turbosmart 12PSI actuator with new factory boost solenoid Crow valve springs Obviously make sure rest of factory items are top notch like plugs and coils etc Plans are to run E85 at all times fuel costs aren't really an issue Looking to perform most installation of mods myself, have worked on car for a while and then send it over to a reputable tuner and go from there If anyone has a similar set up could you please let me know how you went overall and also if I have missed anything vital that would be much appreciated.
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