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  1. It's alright. I'm not enough of a pov *beep* to cut holes in the stock box. I'll spend the money for the sound and professional look.
  2. CAI even on NA will give power. As long as it's done right. I'll just do whatever. I've got the money to blow.
  3. I'd lose my license if I bought a turbo. Hard enough time controlling myself with an NA lol. I specifically bought NA for that reason alone. Hence why I have extra $ to throw around on some minor mods.
  4. If you had money to throw at an NA. What would you buy first.
  5. Trying to decide between these 2 CAI kits. I'm not sure the growler big mouth combo is worth the extra $389. What's everyone's opinions? Or experiences. http://www.ssinductions.com.au/products/Ford-FG-6cyl-%26-6cyl-Turbo-Growler-and-Big-Mouth-Combo.html https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/350494826082
  6. All good. I'm just gonna pay $500, to get one custom done. The ones on eBay DEA and Dandy. Just aren't up to par. Not right config I want. And DEA / Dandy are just sh*t quality.
  7. Yea, I'm buying new. So that doesn't really apply. If I was getting one on marketplace I'd probably just wing it.
  8. Does an XT exhaust fit an XR6 FG. nothing is clear online. Also DEA or Redback? Much difference? Thanks in advance.
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