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  1. I got no idea any help would be amazing
  2. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/GENUINE-FORD-FALCON-BF-TURBO-BOOST-PRESSURE-WIRING-WITH-GAUGE-BA2T14A219B-FPV/274062788095?epid=9021375221&hash=item3fcf6a45ff:g:vsUAAOSwqgFdrjVy
  3. well looks like I F*ck up there then lol
  4. hey boys I have just got the fpv f6 boost and oil gauges but im looking for a part number for the correct wiring loom can any one plzz assist thanks in advance guy.
  5. so besides giving new life to the motor first mods you suggest injectors ( is there a cc rating I should get) do I stay with vdo or get bosch one brand better than other any Fuel pump I have a turbo smart waste gate actuator already I just need to put a tighter spring in like I said I'm new to all this stuff so all the help and support is greatly thankful for. are there any other feeds that you could possibly link so I can have a read thanks
  6. I have the brakes below the Brembo ones, I think there call drm or something all I know is that a stock steel rims dont fit on the front as the calliper is to big the car is a ex nsw cop turbo
  7. hey guys, Newbie here in all aspects of forums and cars. Found you guys doing a search for mods for my BA I have a 2004 Ba xr6t 100% stock but lots of KM 280xxx on the clock yes I am way behind the times in modding and working this car. It is now a project and not my daily so now is time to start upgrading and doing small mods one at a time over a long period of time. I am going to start with new spark plugs and injectors and give it a bit of a freshen up while I mod it. I'm not looking at making it a rocket ship but I would like to just make sure I can beat my bosses e63 Amg hahahaha🤣😂 Can you guys please give me some advise on some things I should look at doing first. Eg. Exhaust, Cooler, Air intake, Bov, Wastgate actuator Anythings that I can start with small and work my way up to bigger harder jobs as I will try to do most of the work myself. Thanks
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