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  1. How am I gonna go about checking that? I can check out of the pan buy id have to cut oil filter no?
  2. As stated thought id clean the oil filter line to turbo found a few small specs I purchssed this car earlier this year as un finished car wasnt all that well looked after the last 12 months before I got it has shown. Any wa back to the point im gonna checj in a month if there still there (dont drive this car often as its now my project) whats the go once I find these how do I fins where and its pretty much a time bomb now or? Thanks
  3. Legend explains it there are colors on springs. So a combination of them allows me to go higher and lower im assuming or only 1 at a time?
  4. Should have put more information in that. I mean can this setup of springs come fron turbosmart?
  5. So this setup can come from factory?
  6. car is running 15 psi with a boost t and stock actuator has supporting mods. the one I have has 3 springs in it
  7. Just purchased second hand turbo smart actuator apparently been on car for 5000ks before going external gate. how many springs are meant to be inside? Bloke told me its 14 psi and than said car was making 23 psi
  8. hello! Any one here playing games on pc and what is it? Interested in finding some people to play with currently am playing cod mw can find me at https://discord.gg/U9fh7Z2
  9. so it arrived and I installed it..... does work though I still have a dose running 15 psi
  10. I did try one cleaning method but ill have to try that one thanks
  11. Conpletely agree but when you dont make lerge amounts of money its little harder. Trying to get it road worthy for now and will be purchasing a new belt the brand is SRP any good?
  12. Its pretty straight forward so I dunno
  13. Yeah no worries buying new now... can delete this thread haha for what ever reason didnt think that was a option cheap enough but it is
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