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  1. By the way, I forgot to tell you all that he fitted these awesome wiper blades... again at no extra cost. I think he posted a pic of them. They actually work really well, as he told me they would.
  2. Hi All I Just thought I would post up my recent experience with Aaron from JD tuning in Adelaide. I don't often post in forums, but I feel strongly enough about my experience with JD tuning that I am happy to do so. I have been looking for a FG Mk 2 Ute for about 6 months, After a recent inter-company transfer where I transitioned from a FIFO role to a DIDO role my accountant instructed me to "buy a Ute". I have been into fords for a long time and had read allot of stuff about the legendary "Barra" engine that I thought I might as well buy a Ford FG XR6T Ute. I found a very low km FG Mk 2 XR6T for a decent price, then started looking around for someone to do the mods to it to prevent the commons faults in these vehicles from creating a reliability issue for me. I drive long distances on a regular basis so I need something reliable and comfortable with relatively good fuel economy (compared to a 2000 HZJ105R Land cruiser). I looked around online at a few different workshops and what they had to offer, then found this forum and started reading. I am no stranger to the performance game, am a qualified mechanic (heavy diesel) but no very little about modern engines especially petrol ones. I have a few muscle cars and have always been into the V8 carbie old school scene. Buying a late model falcon is a first for me... I have always driven older cars that I felt comfortable working on myself. Through an old mate, I had heard of Aaron and some of the things he used to do in the early days, but had no idea that he was still into the turbo falcon scene or whatever you call it. I ended up working out that JETURBO was the same guy and JD tuning Adelaide is the name he operates under, I contacted him on this forum via message and asked what he could do for me with the new Ute. Again... I am not chasing big HP as some of you on this site are. I am looking for reliability, improved drive ability and improved fuel economy. I have to drive this thing about 800 kms a week so a fire breathing monster that makes 700 HP probably won’t suit my application. Aaron gave me a list of "must do" mods and provided a comprehensive "package" to suit what I wanted. He also went into detail about what he was doing and why, all of which I understood. I decided to go with the package Aaron suggested, I will be honest and say I was a little apprehensive at first. I have been burnt a couple times recently and am naturally cynical/suspicious of people I don't know or who haven't been recommended by someone I trust. I am glad I did. Not only did Aaron Deliver everything he promised he absolutely exceeded my expectations of what kind of result I was going to get. Ute is smoother, has more torque, seems to deliver its power in a more linear way, not so punchy and uncontrolled. On the way home from picking up the Ute I turned off traction control and fed it a bit of right foot. I’ll be honest, I sh*t myself and turned traction control back on deciding it better to drive within my limitations and actually make it home. As for reliability and fuel economy, I have to start piling on the kms to be able to give an honest response, I will post up some data once I have some. I have inspected all of Aaron's work and have found it to be of a very high standard. After building my XY Fairmont I understand what it takes to do a quality job and just how much work goes in to it all. So the result was fantastic and I am really impressed with the standard of work provided by JD tuning I am equally impressed with the service and communication Aaron provided while he was doing the job. He sent constant photos and updates on job progress, kept me in the loop with every development in a timely manner. I asked him to install seat covers and a LED light upgrade package I supplied. Nothing was too hard for him and he happily fitted these items for me and expected nothing for it. I actually felt like I was taking advantage and offered to pay for the extra jobs a couple of times, all of which he refused. In my opinion Aaron is a true gentlemen, has a high standard, is honest and shows a high level of integrity in all of the dealings I have had with him so far. I could not recommend him more if you are looking for some one knowledgeable with these turbo falcons to do some work for you. I am a complete newbie to this scene and Aaron certainly looked after my best interests and vehicle as it was his own. Sorry if I have come across a bit long winded but for the sake of accuracy and an honest review of my experience I thought it best to provide some background.
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